Weed Tea With Cannabutter

A delicious tea with a little bit of cannabutter, a Space Astronaut creation. 😉 This is literally my favorite way to eat pot. The tea tastes great and the high comes on nice and smooth. It’s like being in a warm bath in a room full of softly glowing scented candles. :) Anyway, here’s how you make the stuff.

cannabutterCannabutter is pretty easy to make, anyone can do it. Just get a sauce pan, a stick of butter and your favorite bud. Heat the pan and let the butter melt. Mix in the weed and wait until it dissolves. Once its all liquid, pour it into a cup or container and then stick it in the fridge.

What you are going to need to make your weed tea is a tea bag and some cannabutter. Brew your tea, just like you normally would, and then add a tea spoon of the good stuff. You can add sugar or honey too if you like your tea a little sweet.

weed-teaThat’s it, pretty simple right? Even a monkey could do it! Well, if you noticed in the direction it says a TEASPOON of cannabutter. These are the same exact instructions I left Jerry. The reason why you should only use a small amount is because the stuff is really strong. I brewed the tea and all he had to do was go to the basement, get the cannabutter and mix it in all our cups. Heck, I even left the teaspoon out on the counter for him.

Well, apparently to Jerry, a teaspoon means 2 table spoons… I thought it tasted a little odd but he had put in so much honey that it was hard to tell. It didn’t take long before the four of us were stoned to kingdom come. Jerry was messed up, he was already high when he came over… that’s probably why he couldn’t follow super simple instructions. The worse part is he used up almost all of the cannabutter and I don’t have the ingredients to make more right now.

I woke up, late for class and no one had any idea where Jerry wandered off to. Apparently, he said something about needing new pants and left at two in the morning. So now that I’m home I suppose I should go out and look for him. We are supposed to be having a party tonight and Jerry was going to be making all the drinks.

Anyway, sorry for that little rant! I hope you enjoy the cannabutter and weed tea and don’t forget to come back and checkout our other awesome recipes!

Official Jerry babysitter of The Space Astronauts

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