Pot of Gold (weed and vodka)

Hey guys, Jerry here to share an awesome recipe for a pot cocktail I made last night. It was totally delicious and you can make it really quickly and easily.

pot-of-goldAll you need to get started is a bottle of vodka, some lime syrup, some mint leaves, some ginger beer and some really good hash. You can get the lime syrup in the mix drink section of any liquor store along with the vodka. Just visit any grocery store for your mint leaves and ginger beer. And of course, some high grade hydro! I actually used this new stuff I bought from a friend of mine called White Widow. Wow, that stuff was wicked! I saved the seeds so I can try and grow some myself.

Anyway, you have to chop the mint and weed up really small, I actually used Candice’s mincer to do it. You want it chopped so small that it almost dissolves in the drink. Now just pour 1 part vodka 2 parts ginger beer and 1 part lime syrup. Pour it all into a blender with the weed and mint and mix it for a minute or two. It takes a little bit of time to make so I always fill up the blender with enough for a lot of drinks. You can make as much as you want as long as you use the right measurements. That’s it pour, drink and enjoy!

weed-vodkaSo like I was saying before, that White Widow weed was amazing. The best pot I have had in a while and I didn’t even smoke any, I put it all in the drinks. Everyone was talking about how smooth the high was. I have six seeds and I’m hoping that they will grow… Right now I have them in a baggy with a wet paper towel to see if the roots will pop. If they do I am going to have a blast with this stuff. For now, I’m just gonna see if my friend can get me anymore.

Oh yea, and don’t forget to try out that drink, it was pretty awesome. Also, come check out our site again and tell all your friends about it! And don’t forget to check out Sandy’s new recipe, I’m pretty sure shes making a special birthday cake for Candice tomorrow.

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