Learning How To Properly Germinate Your Cannabis Seeds

If you are new to growing cannabis you will want to make sure that you first learn how to properly care for the seeds. One of the most important steps in the growing process is germination. If you can properly germinate your seeds, you will be well on your way to growing a healthy and lush cannabis crop. Germination is the key to beginning the growing process of your new plants. If you can properly germinate your seeds, you will waste less and therefore significantly increase your harvest and yield.

Before you start your cannabis seed germination process make sure that all your supplies are clean and as sterile as possible. Having everything clean will increase your germination rate and keep your new plants happy and healthy. You can use an anti-bacterial soap to clean all of your tools, including the pots. Make sure you clean everything before adding the soil, fertilizer or seeds.

cannabis catYou want to make sure you label your seeds on the outside of their containers. This is important if you have a variety of different strains or if you are germinating more than one seed in any given container. You can soak your seeds in mineral water at room temperature. Place them in a dark and warm place for up to 36 hours so the seeds can absorb the water and begin the germination process. The seeds need to absorb enough water to become 75% water themselves in order for this to all work out as planned.

Once you see a seedling coming out of the seed you can place it into its soil filled growing container. Make sure that the soil has been well moistened and is ready to house the small sprout before you begin the transfer. This will help you to avoid transplant shock, a potentially lethal problem for plants. Place the seed 2cm. under the soil, all seeds should completely sprouted within 5 days or so. Keep the growing cups in a high humidity dome to help keep the warmth and moister.

Now that you know how to properly germinate your cannabis seeds, you should have no problem growing cannabis plants from home.

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