Learning How To Properly Germinate Your Cannabis Seeds

If you are new to growing cannabis you will want to make sure that you first learn how to properly care for the seeds. One of the most important steps in the growing process is germination. If you can properly germinate your seeds, you will be well on your way to growing a healthy and lush cannabis crop. Germination is the key to beginning the growing process of your new plants. If you can properly germinate your seeds, you will waste less and therefore significantly increase your harvest and yield.

Before you start your cannabis seed germination process make sure that all your supplies are clean and as sterile as possible. Having everything clean will increase your germination rate and keep your new plants happy and healthy. You can use an anti-bacterial soap to clean all of your tools, including the pots. Make sure you clean everything before adding the soil, fertilizer or seeds.

cannabis catYou want to make sure you label your seeds on the outside of their containers. This is important if you have a variety of different strains or if you are germinating more than one seed in any given container. You can soak your seeds in mineral water at room temperature. Place them in a dark and warm place for up to 36 hours so the seeds can absorb the water and begin the germination process. The seeds need to absorb enough water to become 75% water themselves in order for this to all work out as planned.

Once you see a seedling coming out of the seed you can place it into its soil filled growing container. Make sure that the soil has been well moistened and is ready to house the small sprout before you begin the transfer. This will help you to avoid transplant shock, a potentially lethal problem for plants. Place the seed 2cm. under the soil, all seeds should completely sprouted within 5 days or so. Keep the growing cups in a high humidity dome to help keep the warmth and moister.

Now that you know how to properly germinate your cannabis seeds, you should have no problem growing cannabis plants from home.

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Jerry’s Tequila Pineapple Cooler

What’s up guys, Jerry here and I’ve got a sweet drink that I made for Candice’s Bday! It all started the other day when I went home to take a nap, apparently I said something about buying pants when I left and no one could find me. I can’t remember I was wasted… :) Everyone kept talking about how much they loved the White Widow I got the other day… Man that was some good stuff… So I drop by my friends house and scored some more.

I guess they all wanted to put it all in brownies and cakes and stuff but forget that! What is this, the Great British Bake Off? LOL I want to smoke and drink, so I set some aside. :) Half way through the party everyone was just sitting around eating and talking so I figured I’d jump start it! I put on some tunes and started putting some stuff together… I actually messed up like 3 times before I found this one. I call it Jerry’s TPC! It stands for Tequila Pineapple Cooler. It was sooo good and everyone loved it. I’m gonna post the recipe here in case any of you want to try this out for yourselves! Enjoy!

tequila-pineapple-coolerYou are going to need some pineapple juice, lime juice, tequila, some ice cubes and sugar. All I did was mince the weed up nice and fine and dumped it into a blender… Make sure it is super fine though, so it can dissolve. Then add I 2 parts pineapple juice, 1 part lime juice, 1 part tequila and a table spoon of sugar, maybe 2 or 3 if you are filling up the blender. Mix it all up until you can’t really see any of the weed anymore and you will have yourself a Jerry’s TPC! You are gonna love it!

Later guys,
Creator of Jerry’s TPC

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Pot of Gold (weed and vodka)

Hey guys, Jerry here to share an awesome recipe for a pot cocktail I made last night. It was totally delicious and you can make it really quickly and easily.

pot-of-goldAll you need to get started is a bottle of vodka, some lime syrup, some mint leaves, some ginger beer and some really good hash. You can get the lime syrup in the mix drink section of any liquor store along with the vodka. Just visit any grocery store for your mint leaves and ginger beer. And of course, some high grade hydro! I actually used this new stuff I bought from a friend of mine called White Widow. Wow, that stuff was wicked! I saved the seeds so I can try and grow some myself.

Anyway, you have to chop the mint and weed up really small, I actually used Candice’s mincer to do it. You want it chopped so small that it almost dissolves in the drink. Now just pour 1 part vodka 2 parts ginger beer and 1 part lime syrup. Pour it all into a blender with the weed and mint and mix it for a minute or two. It takes a little bit of time to make so I always fill up the blender with enough for a lot of drinks. You can make as much as you want as long as you use the right measurements. That’s it pour, drink and enjoy!

weed-vodkaSo like I was saying before, that White Widow weed was amazing. The best pot I have had in a while and I didn’t even smoke any, I put it all in the drinks. Everyone was talking about how smooth the high was. I have six seeds and I’m hoping that they will grow… Right now I have them in a baggy with a wet paper towel to see if the roots will pop. If they do I am going to have a blast with this stuff. For now, I’m just gonna see if my friend can get me anymore.

Oh yea, and don’t forget to try out that drink, it was pretty awesome. Also, come check out our site again and tell all your friends about it! And don’t forget to check out Sandy’s new recipe, I’m pretty sure shes making a special birthday cake for Candice tomorrow.

Space Astronauts Mixed Drink Master

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Good Old Fashioned Pot Brownies

OK, let me start off by saying that I am not as good a baker as Sandy is but I don’t think that I can mess up brownies. :) They may not be as tasty as last nights Space Cupcakes but I did get some White Widow from Jerry so they will definitely make us all feel better. Cause let me tell you, what ever weed Sandy used was crap, if they even sold her weed at all. I wouldn’t be surprised if she just mixed in a little dried grass. Anyway, here’s my old fashioned pot brownie recipe.

The first thing that you are gonna want to do is get all of these ingredients… half a cup of cannabutter, half a cup of cocoa, two eggs, a cup of sugar, a cup of flour and a little bit of salt. That’s all you will need. Oh, for the salt, I just put in a tiny bit. I don’t think it’s for the flavor, it has something to do with the baking I guess.

OK, once you have all the ingredients measured and ready to go you can get started baking. All the stuff can go into a big bowl together, the only thing you have to do first is mix the eggs really good until they look frothy. When the eggs are done, mix everything together really well. You are gonna want to grease a baking pan before you pour the brownie mix inside. When you are all done, just put it in the oven for about 30 minutes at 350°F. Make sure that you don’t leave them in too long or they get really hard and then the cannabutter won’t be as good.

Also, I thought you guys would like to know that Jerry got 5 of the White Widow seeds to spring a root. Now he says that he is going to be able to grow it himself. In a few weeks or months or something we should have our own supply! I’m so excited… No more searching for a dealer or having to smoke or eat crap. The White Widow bud is amazing. The best weed I have had in a long time, if not ever. I just really hope that Jerry doesn’t mess it all up. :/ He is supposed to be buying all the supplies to grow right now. Anyway, wish us luck!

Bye for now!
The sexiest member of the Space Astronauts 😛

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Space Cupcakes a la Sandy

Hello my name is Sandy and I love baking. Today I will be sharing one of my favorite recipes with you for my homemade Space Cupcakes. I am making these to celebrate Candice’s birthday so they will have a special surprise inside. The recipe that I’m going to post below is the adult version but you can easily make it without the pot. :) I hope you enjoy!


What you’re going to need before you get started:

Salt, flour, baking powder, granulated sugar, Crisco or some other grease, cannabutter, 2 eggs, some milk and vanilla and lemon extract. You can also add any frosting you want when they are done, either store bought or homemade. Those of you who don’t know how to make cannabutter, or what it is, take a look at Candice’s weed tea recipe, she explains it there, it’s really easy.

How you make the Space Cupcakes:

Heat your oven at 350°F. Now, in a large bowl, mix 2/3 cups of flour with a 1/4 teaspoon of salt and 3/4 teaspoons of baking powder. In another bowl mix a cup of sugar, 1/2 cup of Crisco and 1/2 of cannabutter. Take the 2 eggs, 1/2 a cup of milk and 1/2 a teaspoon of vanilla and lemon extract and add them to the 2nd bowl. Slowly mix in all the other ingredients. Grab a cupcake pan and grease it pretty well. Add the mix evenly and bake for about an hour. When they are done, let them cool and add your frosting. That’s it, it’s a little bit of work but they taste soooo good.

I was supposed to make this with the White Widow weed that Jerry bought the other night but he put it all in some kind of drink that he made. So, I had to search all day to find someone that could sell me some stuff. I don’t have the same connections that Jerry has, but of course he was no where to be found.

I hope these come out okay, the pot I used didn’t smell as good as what we are used to but I had no choice. I’ll tell you one thing. If Jerry thinks he is going to get any of these cupcakes, he’s got another thing coming!

Oh, and remember guys, if you want to make regular old cupcakes, just substitute butter for the cannabutter. In my opinion, it won’t be half as good but that’s just me. :)

See you later,
Head Space Astronaut Baker

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Weed Tea With Cannabutter

A delicious tea with a little bit of cannabutter, a Space Astronaut creation. 😉 This is literally my favorite way to eat pot. The tea tastes great and the high comes on nice and smooth. It’s like being in a warm bath in a room full of softly glowing scented candles. :) Anyway, here’s how you make the stuff.

cannabutterCannabutter is pretty easy to make, anyone can do it. Just get a sauce pan, a stick of butter and your favorite bud. Heat the pan and let the butter melt. Mix in the weed and wait until it dissolves. Once its all liquid, pour it into a cup or container and then stick it in the fridge.

What you are going to need to make your weed tea is a tea bag and some cannabutter. Brew your tea, just like you normally would, and then add a tea spoon of the good stuff. You can add sugar or honey too if you like your tea a little sweet.

weed-teaThat’s it, pretty simple right? Even a monkey could do it! Well, if you noticed in the direction it says a TEASPOON of cannabutter. These are the same exact instructions I left Jerry. The reason why you should only use a small amount is because the stuff is really strong. I brewed the tea and all he had to do was go to the basement, get the cannabutter and mix it in all our cups. Heck, I even left the teaspoon out on the counter for him.

Well, apparently to Jerry, a teaspoon means 2 table spoons… I thought it tasted a little odd but he had put in so much honey that it was hard to tell. It didn’t take long before the four of us were stoned to kingdom come. Jerry was messed up, he was already high when he came over… that’s probably why he couldn’t follow super simple instructions. The worse part is he used up almost all of the cannabutter and I don’t have the ingredients to make more right now.

I woke up, late for class and no one had any idea where Jerry wandered off to. Apparently, he said something about needing new pants and left at two in the morning. So now that I’m home I suppose I should go out and look for him. We are supposed to be having a party tonight and Jerry was going to be making all the drinks.

Anyway, sorry for that little rant! I hope you enjoy the cannabutter and weed tea and don’t forget to come back and checkout our other awesome recipes!

Official Jerry babysitter of The Space Astronauts

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